CSI Leadership Background

The CSI Leadership Series is a learning and networking event held on a quarterly basis designed to inspire government executives, directors and managers to continually enhance their leadership effectiveness. It showcases the best practices of successful leaders and managers in both the government and the private sectors. It is based on the premise that an executive or manager has the power of influence and the capability to bring about significant impact on people and organizations especially on those they work with or whom they serve.

Theme (1st Quarter):

Leadership: The Heartware of Management Projects (March 20, 2019)

As significant as efficient project management is in an organization, the same goes for leadership as an essential component in successfully managing projects. It is not enough for a leader to just know what to delegate to whom to get things done and to accomplish a project successfully. Project “leaders” are required to have a clear vision, a strong sense of accountability and integrity. Leadership in project management goes far and beyond knowing the technicalities to accomplish a task. It calls on leaders to be flexible, analytical, enabling and solution-oriented. The first public offering of the 2019 CSI Leadership Series aims to empower leaders to go beyond achieving project success, but to innovatively create ways to achieve the team’s goals while cohesively working together regardless of its diversity. 

ARGET PARTICIPANTS: Public Sector Executives, Managers, Directors and Division Chiefs or those in equivalent positions.

DATE: March 20, 2019

VENUE: Metro Manila

REGISTRATION: All interested participants are required to register online through csc.gov.ph (training calendar)