The Civil Service Commission (CSC) joins the nation in the 15th Women with Disabilities Day celebration with the theme, "Sabay-sabay, Pantay-pantay sa Pag-unlad ng mga Kababaihang May Kapansanan". #WalangIwanan
The observance aims to highlight the needs of Women with Disabilities among other marginalized groups, to lead and promote for societal reform geared toward their empowerment and full participation in all human endeavors.
The National Council on Disability Affairs leads the annual celebration.
The Civil Service Commission (CSC) joins the Philippine government in celebrating the 2019 Women's Month with the theme WE Make Change Work for Women. 
We recognize the unique and valuable contributions of women to good governance and nation-building, and their trailblazing achievements in different fields---military, culture and the arts, politics, education, health, agriculture, and other areas as vast and varied as government. 
We salute all men who support women's rights and shun discrimination and violence against women, and who influence their fellow men to actively take part in promoting gender sensitivity. 
We continue to build a gender responsive civil service that encourages diversity and inclusivity for true progress. 
Below is the CSC's Memorandum Circular on the 2019 NWMC: